Luxury, style and elegance

Armani/Casa Wallcoverings offer a collection of beautifully crafted products in luxuriously refined finishes and materials with subtle influences from nature and the Orient, fashionably encompassing Giorgio Armani's signature aesthetic.

Armanicasa Wallcoverings Pantelleria Lg

Graphic Elements II - Pantelleria

Armanicasa Wallcoverings Lipari Lg

Graphic Elements II - Lipari

"It's the subtle exchange between sensitivity and taste that goes beyond the ethnic concept, which is essentially too simple, that has always fascinated me; it allows me to have to a complex vision of things, filtered through a cultural passion. Between the East that enchants me and the West where I belong, I take the similarities and turn them into furniture and decor to give rooms a profound sophistication and timeless elegance."

Giorgio Armani

Armanicasa Wallcoverings Nabucco Lg

Precious Fibres I - Nabucco

Armanicasa Wallcoverings Londra Lg

Refined Structures II - Londra

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