Studioart has deep roots in leather processing thanks to its family-owned companies that have become a point of reference in the international tanning district for almost 50 years.

Studioart’s signature Leatherwall is a collection of exclusive leather wall coverings that perfectly marries Italian craftsmanship and contemporary taste, while exploring original combinations and inviting a creative approach and resulting in a perfect balance between hand-crafted artisanal skills and contemporary flair.  Simultaneously flat and padded tiles, curved and geometric designs are fused together in a unique way to create eclectic and exclusive products to enhance any type of interior.

Studioart Woods Mushroom Oro Bianco
Studioart Delta Tesoro Oro Padded
Studioart Duo City Cenere, Watersuede 353 Design By Massimo Brancati Close Up
Studioart Hyperreal Pearl Argento

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