Pollack is a New York City-based boutique design company, specialising in unique, innovative textiles, and using a large and varied tool box of artistry, fibre contents, yarns and weaving techniques.

The company was started over 30 years ago, when founders Mark Pollack, Rick Sullivan and Susan Sullivan launched a memorable collection of 22 textile designs targeted to the high-end interiors market.

Since then, the line has flourished and expanded into the contract, residential and hospitality markets, as a more decorative aesthetic was combined with the company’s solid technical foundation.  The wide-ranging collection is celebrated for fabrics that easily cross the lines of these individual segments - fabrics marked by sophisticated design, intricate construction, nuanced colour palettes and timeless style.  All constructed in partnership with specialised mills from around the world, carefully selected based on their expertise and capabilities.


For further information and sampling please contact sales@altfield.com.hk

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